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From the countryside of Parma, Italy, here’s a new hot and genuine punkrock: The Devasted – never give up!
The italian combo, born in 2003 and since then giggin’ round with bands like The Adicts, Uk Subs, Angelic Upstairs, Raw Power, Strawberry blondes and Ash.
The first album “Fight” (2008 Making believe Records) is already available in Usa and Europe on interpunk.
Devasted style is a combination between the Clash and the Ramones sound, but with an original and fresh approach featuring Rupe from The Rabble (NZ) on “Youthfull Essence”.
In 2012 after « Never Give Up” release, two european tours and more 100 shows around Italy and Europe Devasted back with an ambitious project. « The Human Failure », the human failure told and shouted with the power of microphones and amplifiers. With the energy and anger of those who do not want to see the man of the twenty-first century destroying nature with its arrogance, abuse of power and a fake superiority.
The band express their dissent coming from the usual canons of minimalist punk rock, and does so with a single song that lasts 13 minutes.
The production combines themes of protest and melodies of various musical parts, different but held together by a common thread, which gives body and substance to a song that can make a mark from the first listen. 13 minutes to send a message of anger and hope.
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