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(EN) Cheerio people, this is Hangover Generation from the extreme south of Switzerland! In 2010 we laid the foundations of the band start already playing
from the beginning our own songs. Our intention was to have fun and spread any shock in this walking dead country. First we started practicing in the youth town centre in Lugano which was actually kinda too tight and restricted for our bad tastes. So we moved and got for free a few rooms in a block of flats in Chiasso, a small, dirty and commercial town on the Swiss- Italian border. At present we are doing all our stuff over there. As soon as we had ten tracks we recorded and put them all in our first album. We have no particular expectations neither purposes, the only thing we care about is to gain people support to shout and scream against Swiss conformist society and the corporate banking system we’re living in. After some problems we were forced to move to Riva San Vitale(another dead village in this dead country).Finally we got a practice room and here we can do what the fuck we want.
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